The 4 Popular Ways of Getting Bingo Magix Bonus

Bingo Magix is a bingo site that has been around for a few years now. It uses the Cozy Games bingo platform that is also favored by Gone Bingo, Harry’s Bingo among others. The site was launched in 2008 and has continued to offer a huge selection of bingo games, such as thirty ball, seventy-five ball, eighty ball and ninety ball. The Bingo Magix site is one of the better-looking bingo sites with a nice mix of plum and green. It is easy to navigate and register. At Bingo Magix, the aim is to create bingo magic and at least get some Bingo Magix Bonus. As such, here are the various ways of Getting these Bonuses.

Getting Bonuses

New Players Offerbingo cards

When you register as a new player, you will be given a 600% first deposit bonus, turning your £10 deposit into £70 to play. In addition to the £70 bonus, you will receive one free spin on the Fortune Wheel, offering you a chance to win other guaranteed prizes. To claim your welcome bonus, you simply have to complete a short, simple registration form and put in a tanner. You will then receive an email asking you to validate your account, and once you are done, a £60 will be sent to your account for you to play with.

200% Games Bonus

Apart from the 600% bingo bonus, you can opt to choose a 200% games bonus as your welcome bonus. If you select the200% percent bonus, your £10 will be topped with a £20 bonus to plays side games. The games bonus must be turned ten times before it becomes available for cashing out.

Promotions and Prizes

Bingo Magix offers monthly and weekly promotions and prizes to its players. Recent promotions include a £1500 cash 75 ball Pop Star Bingo promotion and the £4000 shopping spree Slots Special. These usually change every month, so it is important to keep visiting the promotions page to see what is available.

Loyalty Schemes

bingo cards2Bingo Magix has a loyalty scheme in their Big Instant Rewards (BIR), where players can earn bonuses up to 10 times the amount deposited. Players who deposit £50 are given exclusive prize draws where they can win LED TVs, cameras, iPads, and iPhones. Players can also earn a £5 extra bonus outside the BIR by linking their Facebook page and posting their Bingo Magix username on their wall.

These are just some of the most common ways of Getting Bingo Magix Bonus. Become a Bingo Magix player and discover many other ways of earning bonuses.